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Our Yoga Retreats are the perfect way to truly unplug, relax and unwind. It will give you the perfect opportunity to withdraw from your job, and everyday life, to re-gather your individual energy. Combined with Ayurvedic massages and delicious healthy diet, you will revive, replenish and revitalize every cell of your mind and body.


Our aim is that you rest, restore and invigorate your body and mind having flexibility of spending your time as you please whilst with us. You can also enjoy a number of traditional Ayurvedic treatments and massage therapies to rejuvenate yourself.  Bring your crew, your partner or your best mate to experience bliss and balance in the sunshine!



Customized Retreat & Workshops


A  Custom Retreat tailored to your needs can be organized all year round.


If you have a group of people who are interested in a Retreat or Workshop, we will create a bespoke Program. You set the date and we find you some beautiful locations to choose from.


There might be a variety of reasons why a custom Retreat might suit you and your group at this moment.  Maybe a Team Building Workshop/Retreat for your workplace colleagues. Or maybe your family has had a difficult time lately and you would like to reconnect with each other in a natural and serene environment & treat your family to something new and special. Yoga & Meditation practice together as a family can strengthen your family ties. Whatever way you customize Your Retreat…


The point is you like to spend some quality time with your group and do something out of the ordinary and learn something new about yourself and the others! Of course you could add many other activities to the Yoga Mix. We offer something for everyone: hiking, camping, painting, cooking, swimming, Spa treatments and so much more!


If you are excited to plan a Custom Retreat/ Workshop in India or abroad then, send us your details and let us know what you are wishing for. We will help you draw up practice plan, perfect location in India or Abroad, curriculum, and a daily schedule for you & your group.