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About us

We are a wellness services organization whose mission is to spread the positivity of a happy, mindful & healthy lifestyle through a holistic approach.


We provide a wide range of Fitness & Recreational Wellness Programs, Yoga Retreats & Holidays, Wellness Festivals, Events & Fitness Parties as part of our services along with diverse Workshops & Seminars, regular Yoga, Dance and Recreational programs, Children’s wellness Programs, Health camps for various health issues, Team building activities and employee engagement programs Pan India.


Our intention is to see all those who attend any Yoga Positive program, feel energized, balanced and happier.


We believe that healthy lifestyle is a way of life which brings happiness, positivity, health and wellness – essential attributes today, which all of us deserve and can indeed experience.

Our Vision


Our Vision is to create a happier world by spreading  the positivity of a healthy and happy lifestyle to everyone we reach out to. 



Our Mission


Our Mission is to create happy people who will in turn create happiness for others. Because, happy people make happy people or rather happy people make people happy…

Can you imagine that world? We can. And we do it daily.

Come join us on this beautiful journey towards happiness. Let’s make this world better. Let’s make this world happy…

Let’s start somewhere. Let’s begin with the self…let’s be positive.

Be Yoga Positive



Our Philosophy 


Our Core Value at Yoga  Positive is “Vasudaiva kutumbakamh –  Whole world is my family” and it is through this value that we share our teachings and navigate our professional, personal and philosophical paths. 



Our Values


  • Improve well being, health and happiness 
  • Respect and honour those before us
  • Cherish individuality
  • Love and protect the environment
  • Give back to Society 

Our happy Services





We love to see people happy, and love to make people happy! The more, the merrier (literally)! And we want to be able to reach out to as many people out there as possible, passing on the joys of Yoga one person at a time. We reach out to the larger community, whenever we can, for special sessions. This is our social initiative, to be able to spread our message of Yoga for All. Contact us for any CSR activity or social outreach program you may know of, or are a part of.


What our clients say