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In this rapidly moving borderless world, “stress” has become a part of life. Sedentary work culture without healthy lifestyle affect our outlook and the energies. Sitting on the office chair for 8+ hours can lead to a sore lower back, stiff neck, strained joints, tight hips and shoulders, bad  posture, digestive issues & low energy. 


As employers, we want the best for our people, be it their productivity, their growth, health and well being in and out of the workplace. A healthy happy employee is productive and a creative person. 


Our tailor made programs are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group. It can be a welcome break to a busy work day or a relaxing way to de-stress at the end of the day with many long-term benefits. 


We offer Corporate wellness programs across India and makes wellness programs approachable to the employees right in the comfort of their office. We are dedicated to provide healthy & long term healing solutions at your doorsteps.


We also recognize that every office operates differently so we are happy to customise a tailor made wellness program to meet the demands of your organization. We offer the training, right there, in your office, making your work space stress free.  


We ensure all those who attend our program, feel refreshed, energized and ready to deal with workplace stress. We have provided services to Major Companies in IT/BPO, Consulting, Travel & Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Health & Insurance, Banking, Hospitality, Telecom, Publishing, FMCG, News & Media Domains for the betterment of their working professionals.


Benefits for the organization:


  • Increased productivity
  • Lesser healthcare premiums
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Higher job satisfaction among employees
  • Happier workspaces


Benefits for the employees:


  • Reduced stress & anxiety 
  • Decreased fatigue & depression
  • Improved focus & memory 
  • Increased energy & Concentration


Our Offerings Pan India


    • Regular sessions [Fitness + Recreational activities]  
    • Employee Engagement programs
    • Wellness Workshops & Seminars
    • Events, Fitness Parties & Wellness Festivals
    • Health Camps for various health issues
    • Customized programs for Senior Management
    • Corporate Nature Retreats



Corporate Nature Retreats:


Work often becomes a dominant cause of stress, and it’s important to encourage employees to be relaxed and calm, enabling them to have a better quality of life both in and out of the work place. Why not take them out of office & into the nature to experience a healthy  lifestyle? Our corporate Nature retreats are specially designed for an office goer, keeping in mind their lifestyle, needs & demands. 


Our Wellness Retreats are the perfect way to truly unplug, relax and unwind. It will give you the perfect opportunity to withdraw from your job, and everyday life, to re-gather your individual energy. Combined with Ayurvedic  massages and delicious healthy diet, you will revive, replenish and revitalize every cell of your mind and body.


Our aim is that you rest, restore and invigorate your body and mind having flexibility of spending your time as you please whilst with us. You can also enjoy a number of traditional Ayurvedic treatments and massage therapies to rejuvenate yourself.  


We will create a bespoke Program and find you some beautiful locations to choose from to tailor to the needs of your organization. 


It can be a Team Building Retreat for your workplace colleagues or a Networking platform with your group to do something out of the ordinary and learn something new about yourself and the others! Of course you could add many other activities to the Yoga Mix. We offer something for everyone: hiking, camping, painting, cooking, swimming, Spa treatments and so much more! 


To plan a Custom Retreat in India or abroad, send us your details and let us know what you are wishing for. We will help you draw up practice plan, perfect location in India or Abroad, curriculum, and a daily schedule for your group. 



Why people use our services :

You don’t need to go to dedicated area, One can do the session right on Desktop, conference rooms, multi-use office space, etc. at any time of day.

Wide range of services to suit all, session ranging from a few minutes to hours, Services can be customized to specific requirements

We thrive on constant positive feedback from customers resulting in repeated business, referral and PAN India expansion.




We offer our services PAN India, right in the comfort of your office.